May 27, 2011

Waiting for forever


Hrmm. Have u ever said to someone “I will wait forever.”? Forever means eternity. Forever is a long time. Very long time. Selalunya orang yang tengah in love jer yang akan cakap macam tu.tak pun orang yang tengah heart broken.haha.oklah.tak nak bercerita tentang ungkapan itu sebenarnya tapi entry ni nak bagitau yang I’ve just finished watching this movie (Waiting for forever). Movie ni BEST. Daripada five(5) stars.i give four(4).

This movie is about two best friends, Emma and Will. They were separated when they were 10 years old after Will’s parents died. Several years later Emma becomes an actress and Will is a entertainer (Not clowns) who always follow Emma without her noticed it. Will had a crush on Emma since he was little but he didn’t get a chance to tell her. So, Will decided to tell her when she comes back to her parent’s house. While Emma failed in her acting career and also her relationship with Aaron is in trouble.

Did Will get a chance to tell Emma how he feel and how will Emma reacts when Will tell her about his feeling?

So, kalau u all nak tau the ending of the movie, feel free to watch.haha. kalau bagitau skang, tak surprise la plak kan.

Enjoy watching guys,

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